Monday, May 6, 2013

Out of the Way

The more I practice these days the more I find myself getting out of the way. I find that I am not practicing to attain a skill necessarily but rather, I already have the skill and just need to let the skill do it's job. There is so much that can get in the way with our psychology and musical baggage. We can believe so truly, so deeply in our hearts that we sincerely want to and are motivated by desire to play the right notes. Unfortunately too often we are not motivated, we are having to much catharsis over our musical past to move forward. This is where music can help. The music of what we are doing can give us another destination away from our ego's. Nervousness, tension playing out of tune, it's all because we are too wrapped up in something else beside doing the task at hand regardless of how much we think we are focused. Some pedagogues refer to this as "Thinking too much". The actuality is that we are thinking about the wrong thing, we have our thinking focused in the wrong direction. The only thing needed to correct it is a goal, a musical goal, an aural goal. When posed this question "Do you have a goal? Do know for certain what you are wanting to do?" People will exclaim "Oh of course don't be silly, I know I want to play it well, that is certain" But, there is no detail behind that, there is no actual sincerity of desire or grounded-ness of an aural outcome present in the mind. Whenever you actually decide to get focused and know what you want, that is when you will actually get out of the way and play it well. This is a good thing by the way, to know that you get in the way. It means you care, it means that you want to be involved and be connected to what you are doing. That is great! Perfect in fact! But, you have to make sure that the love you have for the music is manifesting itself in a way that produces something which is of artistic merit. That can mean a lot of different things of course. As soon as you can focus your love in that direction though, you will begin to accomplish amazing and wonderful things.