Friday, April 22, 2016

Professional Reminder

I think I am going to change my title to "Professional Reminder". I think about that as I teach students to practice and what they need to do to stop performing with bad habits. I wonder if I am really a teacher with pedagogical knowledge or am I just the guy with the list of reminders that go out when they are needed. Of course then I think about my own practicing and why don't I remind myself the way I wish my students would remind themselves. And this is where the discipline of practice gets a little murky with philosophy....we all have the power to do whatever we want, we have the power to remind ourselves of anything we want. Its true though, we can decide at any moment to remember all the things we have been told about playing our instrument and then sincerely try to do them. Perhaps the more philosophical, or psychological (now getting really murky) question is, Why don't we sincerely try to do it? I mean, we like the instrument right? We decided to play it, we picked it out, we are sitting here in this practice session wrestling with this stuff, we should take the next step and remind ourselves of all that good stuff we know.